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The world of solar power is vast and ever growing, providing a diverse choice of solar systems to choose from. The different types of solar geyser installations are arguably some of the most useful systems of them all.

These systems are being installed by private home owners, farmers and are even the chosen geyser system for government subsidised housing.

Solar geyser installations Cape Town

With a worldwide movement towards a greener way of living, solar energy has begun to play a major role in reducing our environmental impact.

Not only does a solar water heater significantly reduce your overall environmental impact, by having one installed it also saves you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

How does a solar water heater work?

This system relies on the heat of the sun to warm up water before it is stored in the geyser. Cold water is pumped from the geyser to the solar panel and circulates through the collection plates where it heated.

The heated water is then pumped back into the geyser where it rises to the top of the tank as the cold water from the bottom is pumped to the solar system to undergo the same heating process.

Why should you decide to install solar water heater for your home?


• It greatly reduces environmental impact

With every solar geyser that is installed in a private home, up to 3 tons of carbon dioxide is saved from being released into our atmosphere each year. Carbon dioxide plays a major role in climate change as a whole. It has also been found to increase the acidic levels of the ocean.

• It will help you save money

You will notice anything between 30% and 50% on your household electricity bill. This can amount to up to R400 000 over a 20-year period.

By reducing the amount of energy you consume, you will reduce tariffs or penalties that are related to high energy consumption.

What are the different types of solar geyser installations, their advantages and disadvantages?

• Direct solar geyser installations

These work by pumping water into the solar panels where the water is heated directly by the sun. The is then pumped back to and stored in the geyser.

The advantages of a direct system are that it is an inexpensive system and is extremely effective. It does not require a large reservoir as the water is pumped directly to the geyser.

The disadvantages of this system are that the pipes are slightly more susceptible to corrosion and can easily freeze in extremely cold temperatures. This can cause major damage to the pipes.

• Indirect solar geyser installations

Indirect systems do not work by directly heating the water in the solar panels. They work by using a specially designed anti-freeze solution to pump through the panels for heating. This heated solution is then used to heat the water. The heated water is then pumped back to the geyser.

The advantages of an indirect system are that they can be used in areas that reach temperatures below 5°C. Anti-freeze does not corrode the pipes and they can be used in areas that have poor quality water.

The disadvantages are that it is in expensive system and anti-freeze solution must be replaced regularly. Tanks take longer to fill, and they can only heat a small amount of water at a time.

What are the overall benefits of solar geyser installations?

  • The energy you are using is free and 100% renewable
  • You will have access to hot water even during power outages
  • Energy consumption related tariffs or penalties will no longer apply to you
  • You will significantly reduce your environmental footprint by reducing your carbon dioxide emissions
  • Your monthly electricity bill will be substantially reduced (between 30% and 50%)
  • It decreases your dependence on fossil fuels
  • There are specialised systems to suite your climate

What system do we install?

Plumb Leak Cape offer you both direct and indirect solar geyser system installations. Before installation, we will assess which option is best suited to your requirements.

The system of choice will be based on your specific personal needs as well as the climate in which you live.

We have a well-trained and qualified team who are equipped with the knowledge and tools required to provide you with excellent advice and quality installation services.

For more information about our solar water heater / geyser installations, please contact us.

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